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ABAP Tuning
Custom ABAP programs are often written under a tight timeline and constant revision of the process design. This leads to less than optimized performance, and in some cases even to non-acceptable performance. I offer several forms of tuning services, from analysis and recommendations to complete redesign and rebuild.
Custom ABAP Solutions
In many cases a client has specific needs that are not covered by SAP's standard software. In some cases, SAP standard programs are used even though they may not be optimized for a specific task. I will work with you to analyze the process and develop an optimized custom ABAP solution according to your requirements.
Manage ABAP Development
Even though many clients have extensive experience in-house in managing IT projects, it may take a different set of skills and experience to be successful in managing a large ABAP development effort. In the past, I have successfully worked several times in this area and am offering my services,  which we can tailor to your specific requirements so that we will be successful as a team.
ABAP Quality Assurance
There are times when it just needs an independent and fresh set of eyes to either find issues that were overlooked all the time, or to reassure a queasy project sponsor that things around ABAP Development are really quite fine and you are ready to throw the switch. I will provide that service, as I have done several times before.
Performance Workshops
Sometimes the development team is not versed in design and coding techniques for optimal performance. In other cases, the user and / or IT organization does not have a sufficient 'performance mindset'. I am offering specialized workshops to improve these situations.